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Face Masks

In Greater Sydney (including Wollongong, Central Coast and Blue Mountains) Salons and barbershop’s require all our staff and clients to wear face masks. Children under 12 are exempt but are encouraged to wear masks where practicable.

Staff Hand Washing

Our liquid soap hand washing routine involves:

  • wetting hands thoroughly and then lathering with liquid soap;

  • vigorously rubbing hands together for at least 15 to 20 seconds;

  • rinsing hands under warm running water; and

  • drying hands with a disposable paper towel or a fresh, clean cloth towel. 

Social Distancing

You can help reduce the risk of infection from COVID-19  through physical distancing. Combined with good personal hygiene, physical distancing can help keep us all safe and protect vulnerable people in our community.

Staff PPE

All staff wear appropriate personal protective equipment, to enable them to safely perform their duties. These include but not limited to:

Face Masks

Gloves (disposable) to be worn as needed.

Covid 19 Symtoms

COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of taste, loss of smell.

Cleaning of Equipement

We clean thoroughly using detergent and water, Dry thoroughly; then Disinfect the equipment by immersing in 70% alcohol solution or hospital grade disinfectant. We ensure to Check the ‘use by date’ before using disinfectants; discard any expired product. Our equipment is stored dry and not be stored in a disinfectant or left soaking for an extended time.​​


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